Q: What does MyNumberBlock do?

A: MyNumberBlocker blocks calls from phone numbers that have the same prefix as your number. For example, if your phone number is (619) 555-1212 calls from any number that starts with (619) 555 will be blocked.

Q: Why block these numbers?

A: A new tactic in the telemarketing game is to spoof the caller ID and pretend to be a number that is close to yours to trick you into answering it.

Q: Why does MyNumberBlocker need access to my Contacts?

A: MyNumberBlocker builds a list of numbers that should not be blocked by searching your contacts and looking for any number that has the same prefix as your number.

Q: Does MyNumberBlocker send my contacts to a server?

A: No. MyNumberBlocker does not connect to Internet and does not send your information anywhere.

Q: If I add a contact with the same prefix as my phone number, what should I do?

A: Open the MyNumberBlocker application and it will reload your contacts so that the new number will be whitelisted.

Q: Does MyNumberBlocker keep a record of my phone calls?

A: No. Apple takes your privacy seriously and doesn’t allow third party developers access to this information.

Q: Why are calls going to voicemail and not being blocked completely?

A: MyNumberBlocker adds numbers to the internal block list in your iPhone. Apple has decided that just in case you made a mistake in blocking a number, the caller can still leave a message. In most cases, the telemarketers will not leave a message and you will never know there was a call. However, you may get voicemail from actual people with the same phone prefix thinking that you called and are just returning your call.

Q: Is there any way to completely block this type of spam?

A: Unfortunately, no. As long as caller ID can be spoofed, someone will take advantage of that.

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